Dec. 2015, attend the Automechanika Shanghai.
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      Dec.2015,  attend the Automechanika Shanghai(Booth Number:8.1E19)

   Dec.1st to 5th,2015,after four days of exhibition, the brand had a good promotion of our company.Let us company in Auto Parts industry recognition is further improved
   Our company booth number:8.1E19, located in the aisle,booth scale and the ooth design styleshould be the pavilion at the top.
  Booth structures, especially by comparison with various schemes finally choose cost-effective for our booth construction company.
  To promote the company brand is making the company the first video, I believe through this exhibition will leave deep impression to the customer.
  Whether it is a "Buy" or "Sell" the key is the product. Even if the customer purchase demand, but the market similar products so much.
  How to let the customer to buy our products, it is need to improve the competitiveness of our produts.
 Product competitiveness can be reflected in the design of he product, reputation, quality, price,etc.On the whole, customer is satisfied for our products. Whether the packing design, quality feedback is very good. For the price,given that we do longer braking syatem, and it is do mestic car factory support, experience, product quality is high, the price level and the market.