Talent Concept
  (1) Formulate scientific and actual combat of marketing organization framework, and the entire marketing concept, making all departments and staff coordinate closely and achieve the ideal business performance. 
  (2) Formulate dialectical buyer marketing concept. Buyer market brings huge pressure to the enterprise, generates fierce market competition and brings good opportunities to the enterprise production and operation. 
  (3) Formulate a famous-brand strategy. Nowadays, the world enters a brand competition age. Brand has become the door opener for enterprise’s accession into the market because of consumers’ deeper acknowledge of new products and the more rigorous condition in the production selection, which aggravates the market competition, so as to improve the product quality, better satisfying consumer demands. 
  (4) Formulate reasonable and pragmatic marketing policy and give full play to the business people promotion effect. Personal promotion is the ancient old promotion method and the most direct promotion way. Now, besides commodity selling, promoters can understand and acknowledge customer demand trends and timely provide product introduction and various services required by customers. Besides, the business people can make market research and information through directly touching the market and consumers, so as to provide basis for high-level management staff. Clearly, business people play a vital role in marketing. A famous marketing master once said that no products cannot sell out but promotion people who cannot promote products out.
  (5) Establish scientific and efficient marketing network. Marketing network can promote commodity circulation. With the deepening development of market economy and the strength of the enterprise marketing consciousness, network offers an important function to marketing promotion. The enterprise should change the concept that traditional network is the only sales channel, be aware of important meaning of present network to the enterprise and establish the own marketing network. Firstly, aiming at consumer demands, the company shall make the market segmentation according to geography and population. Then, according to market features, enterprise objectives and marketing resources, the enterprise should make sure the segmentation variables. At last, mobilize the own marketing resources, distributes to submarket, strengthens the contact of segmentation market and forms high-efficiency network. The enterprise should build own marketing network and then the work.